This is a great kitchen product from the reputable manufacturer Cuisinart. They are renowned for making small kitchen appliances that work great and last a long time. This model food steamer certainly does nothing to hurt that type of reputation. It is an excellent all-around product.

This ‘CookFresh’ model food steamer has many first-class features that are built into it. There are the LED touchscreen controls that make steaming with the preprogrammed settings very easy, and there are even pause and reheating buttons on the display too. Another nice feature is the removable 1-liter water storage container.

What did we like the most about this unit? Rarely do we come up with a unanimous decision on these things on a product but we did in the case of this Cuisinart food steamer. The 5-liter glass steamer dish was a big hit among us. We liked the way you could see your food as it was being prepared and also the fact that it had a stainless steel inlay inside it as the cooking surface. The glass steamer dish is dishwasher safe and can even be used as a serving tray. This gives the user some big advantages over food steamers that use plastic steamer trays.

Was there anything we did not like about this model? Of course, because no product is ever perfect by any means? For one thing, this is one of the pricier model food steamers on our list. The cover that comes with it seems to go on a little awkward, and there was also mixed opinions as to whether this food steamer was a little bulky or not.

Overall though, it would be very hard not to recommend this Cuisinart food steamer for purchase if it fits your budget. It simply has a lot to offer those that like to prepare easy and healthy steam-cooked meals. A very nice design here from this popular kitchen appliance company.


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